Our vision is to develop products with health benefits while making food a more enjoyable part of life.

With that vision in mind, we introduce RSVP, Nothing but Perfection hors d'oeuvres line. Our RSVP, Nothing but Perfection brand features expertly prepared products incorporating the healthiest and freshest ingredients. Moreover, we have revolutionized the eating experience by offering trans-fat free hors d'oeuvres. We take pride in the quality of our products. All our RSVP hors d'oeuvres are packed in eye-catching, innovative packaging.

Hours D'oeuvre Assortment
An assortment of TexMex Beef Chili Turnovers, New York Brand Cocktail Franks, Fusion Spring Rolls, and Spinach Florentine.
Item Numbers: 11600 40CT, 11500 100CT
Brie en Croute
Rich and elegant brie cheese wrapped in a puff pastry crust.
Item Number: 19000 1CT
Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas
Flour tortillas filled with stuffed chicken, cheese, and spices.
Item Number: XXXXXX 4CT
Ham and Gouda Empanadas
Ham blended with gouda cheese wrapped in a puff pastry crust.
Item Number: Please call for assistance
Italian Style Mini Meatball Bites
Meatballs with marinara sauce in a flaky puff pastry shell.
Item Number: 116000 12CT
Cheese and Bacon Mini Quiche
Crisp bacon and swiss cheese in a flaky puff pastry shell Item Number: 15000 12CT
Santa Fe Style Southwest Bites
Chicken topped with a blend of black beans cheese and southwest spices in a flay puff pastry shell.
Item Number: 17000 12CT