Our QuikSnax® line offers an array of our classic and delicious favorites.

The uniqueness of the Quiksnax line is the integration of superior products in a convenient, affordable pack. Our selections includes our juicy beef cocktail franks, crunchy vegetable rolls, creamy potato puffs, and potato & onion pierogies.

Cocktail Franks wrapped in puff pastry
Our Beef Cocktail Franks are made with classic frank delicacy wrapped in a warm, buttery, flaky French puff pastry.
Item Numbers: 44100 6CT
Vegetable Rolls
Our combination of fresh vegetables and seasonings are filled in a crunchy wrapper. These delights will surely please any palate.
Item Number: 44200 7CT

Potato & Onion Pierogies
Whipped potatoes and diced onions filled in a thin and tasty pocket shell.
Item Number: 44400 6CT
Seasoned Whipped Potatoes in a Puff Pastry Pocket.
These tasty pockets are filled with a combination of potatoes, garlic and onions blended with a rich seasoning.
Item Number: 44300 7CT